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I'm offering a new service - answers

I spend a lot of time researching businesses, getting to understand them in detail. I often do this as part of a branding project. But what’s interesting is how much that research uncovers about different aspects of the organisation – from HR to operations to customer service to marketing…

That is why I am now doing this research as a standalone service – an audit for action.

If everything in the garden is rosy – sales are great, customers are happy, staff are positive and motivated, your brand is spot on – then you might not need an audit like this.

But if you’re not sure, research on what is happening in and around your business delivers real insights that you can act on to make improvements - inside and out.

These insights can be cultural, or commercial, about your brand or internal communications, your products or customer service. My aim is to find out, and provide clear, workable recommendations about what to do next.

The exact process depends on the size and shape of your organisation, but I like to start from the inside, and work outwards. This can include:

  • Research with employees. Talking with people at all levels to discover what is really going on. This can be in interviews, group sessions or surveys.
  • Communications review. A thorough look at how you communicate, internally and externally (including marketing, brand, recruitment, retention).
  • Your plans. Understanding what plans you have in place and what your commercial and organisational goals are.
  • The external perspective. A review of your competition and market and, where appropriate, finding out what your customers think of you, through qual and quant research.

The outputs from this research are a report of findings, and clear recommendations for next steps.

The core idea is a simple one - to make sure your employees, your business, your brand and your customers are all heading in the same direction. How to achieve that is not always straightforward, but understanding what’s happening in your business is the crucial first step to take.

If you’d like to talk about getting insights you can act on, please get in touch.

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