• Research, insight and strategy.

    For stronger brands and better business.

  • Research and insight

    What do your customers want? What do your staff know that you don't?


    Getting to know what is happening inside and outside your business delivers real insights that you can act on, to make your business better.


    We run qual and quant research to get answers for you.


    Within your organisation, we talk with people at all levels to discover what is really going on, through interviews, focus groups and surveys. People overlook the value and knowledge that lives within their business.


    On the outside, we use a range of techniques to understand the market in which you operate, your competition and your customers.


    We don’t have a one-size-fits-all process. We tailor our approach to you.


    Research is a basis for action built on understanding. Everything else is guessing.


    Contact us if you want to get rid of guesswork.

  • Strategy

    Is your brand working? Are you communicating clearly?


    A good brand strategy tells the world who, what and why you are. It expresses clearly the purpose and excitement that are at the heart of what you do. It is the foundation for your commercial success.


    It defines how your brand interacts with your staff, customers and everyone else it touches. It feeds into your commercial strategy, and all of your visual and verbal communications.


    In practical terms, brand strategy ranges from analysis of your products, organisation, markets and competition, to clear statements of your core purpose, values, manifestos and messaging.


    We work with organisations of all sizes, in all sectors. We make the complex easy, and produce strategies that challenge, inform and inspire.


    And we help them make their strategy real, through internal communications, employee engagement and change management.


    Contact us if you want to cut through the noise.

  • Employee engagement

    Do your employees understand your strategy? Are you all working in the same direction?


    We work with clients to make sure that their brand, employees and business strategy are all working together.


    For employees, this means listening to them first of all - in interviews, focus groups, surveys - and then making recommendations.


    This can range from internal communications, to induction, remuneration, training, team structures... from general advice to specific action plans for individuals within your organisation.


    Where we come across areas that are outside our expertise, we can help find appropriate partners to work with you.


    This is much more than making sure everyone uses the same font and knows the brand values. This is about bringing your brand to life in every part of your organisation - which makes a better place to work, and a better business.


    Contact us if you want to energise your team.

  • Who we are

    Brand New Rose’s director and principal consultant is Humphrey Couchman.


    He has worked on research, brand, communications and culture for organisations of all sizes, in all sectors. His core strengths are in making complicated propositions clear, and finding ways to bring them to life that engage both internal and external audiences, practically and emotionally. He combines broad experience with strong creativity and commercial focus.


    Humphrey worked in-house in senior marketing/communications roles for many years before moving agency-side, so he has a very good understanding of the client’s perspective, and of how businesses work.


    He is experienced in employee engagement, change management and corporate culture.


    Humphrey works principally on corporate/organisational projects - creating new brands and reinvigorating existing ones; and aligning brand, employees and business strategy. With some clients he helps with marketing and communications planning and execution.


    He is based in London, and works directly with clients, or in partnership with a small number of relevant agencies.




  • Clients

    Projects include

    Finworks website


    Finworks creates software that does extraordinary things with data.


    Finworks' parent company, Fincore, operates across a variety of sectors, and wanted to clarify its operations. Brand New Rose worked with them to create a new brand strategy and architecture for the group, together with naming and new brands for the parent company and sub-brands.


    Design: Fabrik Brands

    Network Homes

    Network Homes

    One of the largest housing developers in the London and the South East, providing homes for affordable rent and exclusive private purchase.


    This new brand brings a previously disparate organisation together under one powerful new identity.


    "Humphrey really got under the skin of the organisation and delivered a strategy which was simple, clever, meaningful, and provided a strong yet easily understood underpinning for where we needed to position ourselves in the market. He presented it persuasively and skilfully and was just a joy to work with throughout, taking real care with each element of the brand build to ensure its integrity. He helped an organisation with no strong history of marketing skill believe properly for the first time in the power of branding - no small feat."


    Simon Graham, Director of Strategy & External Affairs, Network Homes.


    Agency: Fabrik Brands

    Threesixty Developments

    Threesixty developments

    Threesixty is a property development company, which used to be called Knightsbridge Student Housing.


    This new brand allows Threesixty to extend into new markets, as well as expressing the vibrant nature of the business, and the positive impact it is committed to having on the areas where it works.


    Agency: SpyStudio

    Utility Warehouse


    Lumeon is a rapidly growing business providing a radical new platform for healthcare.


    This project was to re-name the business (it was previusly called Qinec) and develop a brand strategy that would support their plans for growth.


    "Humphrey (working with Fabrik Brands) helped us define our new brand strategy.

    He very quickly understood the product, organisation, culture, and the challenges we faced - then put together a strategy for us that brought out our true vision and values, with strategic recommendations that positioned us in line with our future ambitions as a company.

    Throughout the whole process from the workshops and interviews with senior leaders, right through to the delivery of the strategy, Humphrey was enjoyable to work with, direct and challenging when required but always honest, friendly and positive. He was communicative throughout all stages of the project.

    We enjoyed working with him tremendously and recommend him to any organisation looking for an expert to help build a strong company brand."


    Aldous Lippard, ex Head of Marketing, Lumeon


    Agency: Fabrik brands

    GDR Creative Intelligence

    GDR Creative Intelligence

    GDR is an innovation consultancy that found it hard to express simply what it actually does for clients.


    "Humphrey (Brand New Rose) came into the business and took time to really understand our culture and values, translating that through an iterative process into a clearly defined evolution of our business proposition. We are now using this work to take the company forward. As a bonus, Humphrey was a real pleasure to work with."


    Marie Chamillard, Chief Operating Officer at GDR Creative Intelligence

    Reveal body worn video


    Reveal supply body worn video systems to the police and other industries, in the UK and across the world. Rebranding them allowed Reveal to move from being a tech supplier, to a trusted partner for people working on the frontline.


    The Pensions Advisory Service

    TPAS is a government-funded body that provides help on all aspects of pensions to anyone who needs it. Their messaging was confused, and confusing, and their service was underused.


    "Humphrey (Brand New Rose) helped us with thinking about our brand and ways that we can interact more effectively with our customers. He is very personable and became part of the team, taking time to really understand our organisation. He is very practical and focussed on delivering results."


    Michelle Cracknell, CEO, The Pensions Advisory Service


    Design: Daisy

    Utility Warehouse

    Utility Warehouse

    Utility Warehouse provides mutliple utilities to households and businesses across the UK.


    "Humphrey transformed the Company’s communications and marketing, in print, digital and online, both internally and externally, to our staff, our customers and our extended sales network. He has developed the Utility Warehouse brand with great skill, and has been responsible for a number of major projects, including advances in the Company’s online activities, with the development and launch of a new corporate intranet and external-facing sales website, both of which have been very successful."


    Andrew Lindsay MBE, CEO, Telecom Plus PLC

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